my lovely horse

My Lovely Horse was Ireland's Eurovision song contest entry by Father Ted Crilly (and dougal maguire). The song was originally written so that Ted could beat his long-time Rugged Island opponent, Dick Byrne.
The song looks set to flop until Dougal decides to play his record collection (Dougal only has one record) by an obscure Norweigan band. All of the band members died in a plane crash, and the manager, and the people with the copyright, and the families of the band, and anyone who had anything to do with the song at all.

So Ted decides that it's in everyone's best interest to commemorate the band by using their melody (and as Dougal points out, "so we wouldn't just be stealing their song then?").But all does not go according to plan.

At the Song For Ireland finals, Ted discovers that My Lovely Horse is being piped through into the elevator and so they must revert to plan B! But Ted and Dougal still manage to win (due to a lack of RTE funding).

     the lyrics:


My lovely horse running through the field,
Where are you going with your fetlocks blowing in the wind?
I want to shower you with sugarlumps,
And ride you over fences, 
Polish your hooves every single day,
And bring you to the horse dentist,

My lovely horse, 
You're a pony no more,
Running around with a man on your back,
Like a train in the night,
Like a train in the night.

My Lovely Horse - the first attempt

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My Lovely Horse - Norweigan version

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