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     father ted links:
         the craggy island examiner
This site claims to be the first Father Ted web site and what it lacks in proper extras (hardly any downloads, graphically sparse, etc.) it makes up for in sheer information.  A Father Ted bible but difficult to navigate and not surfer friendly.  One for the most avid Father Ted junkie only.
         gary's global arena
Contains an above average Father Ted section which looks a little like The Golden Cleric in places.  However this site also has areas dedicated to other great comedy shows, music, and information on Ireland.  This is definitely a must visit site.
         father ted news
The only good thing about this site is that is lives up to it's name.  This is only a single page but is updated occasionally with news and gossip from the world of Father Ted.  Worth visiting every now and then to find out the latest news from Craggy Island.
         craggy island online
The most original Father Ted site out there by far. A lot of time and effort has gone into this site and the humour stays along the same vein as that of the show throughout the site. Excellently done, but hardly a useful information resource. Provided quality updates to the site are regular, there's plenty to go back for.
         dermot morgan tribute page
A great site devoted to the actor who made Father Ted what it was.  This site will provide many visitors with an insight into what Dermot did before Father Ted such as radio work and Scrap Saturday.  The site is well complemented with an abundance of good quality and rare pictures.
This is not a Father Ted fan site as such but is highly original and well worth a visit.  Dave has created various sounds using music loops and sound clips from Father Ted.  The result is hilarious.  High quality songs and they're free for all to download.
         father ted at
Considering that this is the official site, there's not a lot here. What is here however is original and humorous and worth a visit.  It isn't updated any more though, so after one visit you will have seen it all.

     miscellaneous comedy links:
This is one of the finest websites on the net at the moment.  If you are a fan of South Park then you've got to visit this site.  On the site yo will find tons of 3d rendered South Park wallpapers and pictures , all of which are amazing quality.  Updated regularly, this site has so much to keep you going back again and again.
Those of you who are fans of The 11 O' Clock Show in the UK will need no introduction to Ali G, after all, he's the guy who coined the phrase 'boyakasha'.  With his own Channel 4 show now Ali is set to become bigger than ever before.  Good site with a little work needing done.  Check out the 'Big-ups' section...
Great site with tons of funny, top quality wallpapers to download for your computer desktop.  Be sure to check out the 'womb raider' wallpaper.

     miscellaneous links:
Help support this promising fledgling Irish based search engine by using it to search the net or by adding your website to it.  In it's infancy, this site shows a bit of promise.
     genie internet
If you live in the UK and have a mobile phone then you should visit this site.  Sign up for free and you can get email delivered to your mobile, send sms text messages to other mobiles, and more besides.  Lots of facilities and it's all completely free.
Play games, watch cartoons, send animated greetings and do a range of various other shockwave stuff.

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